Mazarine Memon

What’s the Use of an Old Credit Card?

“Break out of the conventional way of painting!” This is my mantra every morning, before I start painting. I’ve walked the path of realism and loved it. Now, my art is all about expressing what I see around me and I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way in creativity.
One Sunday as I tuned into GPS (one of my fav shows) I watched Fareed Zakaria play a clip from Lawrence of Arabia, the idea was to convey the lesson, “Nothing is written,” and that is true in almost every aspect of life and how we lead it.
For every aspiring artist, this is what I’d advice, get your foundation right, make it strong, learn the ropes, educate yourself and then, follow your heart. Prepare to make your own decisions, carve your own style and make the magic happen!
My current favorite is an expired. I definitely prefer it to the conventional palette knife. The surface of a card allows for more control and helps create the most amazing textures and forms.
This painting, titled, ‘Rendezvous’ was one of the first one executed completely with a credit card. So, the next time you decide to up your old cards, deposit them into your paintbox instead!