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I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing individuals, some of whom have become avid collectors who own multiple pieces of my work. There are some who have followed my journey for years and have been great supporters of every collection I have created. To read about you and your work and get recognition from your collectors is very humbling indeed.


Here Are a Few I’d Like to Share With You.

Mazarine Memon is an exceptional artist whose paintings provoke thought, enlighten, and provide an alternate perspective to the mysteries of life. They can be both luminescent, energetic and bold or soulful, thoughtful and stirring – traits that are the essence of Mazarine herself. She seems to create each piece with imagery of her deep thoughts and emotions inspired by the surrounding world and her paintings reflect their own story by the emotions that surface. Her brushstrokes reflect depth, harmony and a sense of truth as she immerses herself in her subject and then lets her creative muse guide her. I look forward to every evolving set of her brilliant artwork – as each offers a unique viewing experience!


SUNDRI Sundri Sengupta

Vice President of Human Resources -Private Equity and Portfolio Companies at Signal Hill Equity Partners

Mazarine is a brilliant artist that should be on everyone’s radar. Her artwork is sophisticated, elegant and stylish. Each of her pieces, whether it be a painting, drawing or sculpture, all have a depth to them that will keep you intrigued and delighted. She’s masterful in her craft and I can’t wait to have more of her artwork adorn our walls, both at the office and in our home. Great investments! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Maz.


Jennifer Yang

President, Stryker Media Group Inc.

I have known Mazarine for several years now, as a friend and as a professional artist. I know how incredibly soulful she is when she indulges in her craft. Her work is a reflection of the heart she has in everything she does.
I have purchased several different pieces from Maz, as she experiments with different techniques. Each of her works are accompanied with a beautiful story that reflects both her inspiration and her passion.


Lorie Russell


Mazarine is an exceptional artist and painter. We have 5 of her paintings hanging on our walls at home and another painting at my office. I guess you can tell we are big fans! There is a spontaneity in her work. Her brush strokes show an energy I have not seen in many contemporary artists. Her work captures her personality which is always positive, outspoken, unapologetic and confident. I have watched her work change over the last few years. This, in fact, is a good sign. She is obviously restless to move on to the next stage as a person as well as a painter. Mazarine is also a pleasure to deal with on the business side of art. She is business-like and yet understanding, accommodating and always ready to close a transaction when it’s the right time.


Sachi Mukerji

Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director, Monsoon Communications Inc.

My wife and I were both so impressed by Mazarine’s art. All the pieces we saw moved us and spoke to us. Her artistic talent is very apparent and she is very versatile. We had a large wall space that badly needed to come alive with an impressive work of art. My wife worked with Mazarine to describe what we were looking for. We wanted to reflect our lifes journey in coming to Canada. In very short order, she produced a very beautiful piece of art that not only fit but brought the room alive. She far exceeded our expectations and I am an avid follower of her on instagram to see how she brings other concepts to life on canvas and other media. She is truly a very inspired artist and we are very fortunate to have one of her creations in our home. She is a pleasure to work with and we both strongly recommend her if you are looking for unique and bespoke works of art.


Peter Selby

Division Director, Mental Health and Addiction at DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY & COMMUNITY MEDICINE AT UofT

Mazarine is an artist full of creativity and the warmth of her artwork brought my husband to purchase her very first paintings: Venician mask and Lady portrait. We proudly have 3 other pieces in central locations in our home. Her works make us dive in a powerful world full of emotions and mystery, tradition, beauty and strength. We value the artist as much as her work and are happy to follow her success and the evolution of her inspiration and art.


Sandrine Le Biavant

Head of Strategic Marketing – Energy Transition at Delta Dore

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