Mazarine Memon

Words vs Pictures

Next month is NaNoWrimo – National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. I’ve participated in this crazy month-long marathon of writing for 6 years now, and only once was I able to accomplish the 50,000 K word count.

Why? Because, I’ve pondered long and hard on what my identity really was? Or is. I started writing this book way before I picked up a blank canvas. 2 decades ago, to be precise. After all these years and after moving continents and living as expats, my unfinished manuscript still works its way on the table next to my lemon grass tea, meanwhile, the artist in me has explored many realms of colour and style. With several international solo and group exhibitions filling up my once bleak ‘Artist Resume’ my dream to be a published author remains unfulfilled.

Words flow with increasing ease when jotting down thoughts and visions for my next exhibition, yet words elude me when I look down at my seventh marked up copy of my manuscript.

I know it will happen sooner or later and hence, I think these musings are from a Writer’s Canvas and not an Artist’s Notebook. For if I can continue to communicate as easily with words as I do with brushstrokes, it won’t be long before I hold in my hands, my first published book.